10 Ways To Tighten A Loose Vagina

10 Ways To Tighten A Loose Vagina

How To Tighten A Loose Vagina?


Having a loose vagina, otherwise known as vaginal fatigue or relaxation, can be the result of several distinct medical issues. Most commonly, a loose vagina is the byproduct of aging and very often the result of childbirth, especially if you gave birth several times.


It is understandable to be willing to tighten a loose vagina, in particular after childbirth, to prevent decreased sensation while having sex but also to prevent vaginal prolapse and all its consequences.


Many women worldwide seek the services of medical professionals in order to regain some of the lost feeling and stimulation resulting from a loose vagina. However, very few medical professionals are well versed in this subject, as even today the issues of decreased sensitivity for women remain largely a taboo subject.


However, to help you reclaim your sexuality, your vitality, and your love life, here are the most common ways that you can use to tighten a loose vagina.


Pelvic Floor Therapy
Pelvic physical therapists are musculoskeletal experts in the areas associated with the pelvis, including vulvar and vaginal, penile and scrotum, colorectal regions. It should be the first line of defense, before surgical consultation to tighten a loose vagina.
Vaginoplasty should only be considered as a last resort in the event other options to tighten a loose vagina have failed. This surgical option is a reconstructive plastic surgery and cosmetic reconstructive and corrective surgery used for the vaginal canal and its mucous membrane.
Vaginal Rejuvenation
Sometimes referred to as “aesthetic vaginal surgery” or “cosmetic vaginal surgery”, vaginal rejuvenation refers to the procedures of either total or partial reconstruction or construction of the vulvo-vaginal complex. As with all surgical procedures, vaginal rejuvenation carries a risk, however small, that functionality might not return to the expected levels after surgery. Like Vaginoplasty it should only be considered among the last options to tighten a loose vagina.
Kegel Exercises
Pelvic floor exercises consist of repeatedly contracting and relaxing the muscles of the pelvic floor to tighten a loose vagina. Kegel exercises do result in a tightening of the vagina that many women seek. Instead of tightening the lining of the vagina directly, Kegels work by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, which is a collection of muscles that encompass the vagina.
Because Kegels can be practiced in private or public locations due to the innocuous nature of the exercises that don’t draw attention, many women prefer trying Kegels as a first line of defense to tighten a loose vagina.
To practice Kegels, a woman should focus on tightening and then relaxing the muscles of the pelvic floor while engaging in deep breathing. When in doubt, it is the same muscles used to stop a steam of pee in mid flow. Some women start practicing in the restroom to ensure they are contracting the right muscles. Some accessories can be used to perform Kegals exercises like Kegel balls, Kegel weights, Kegel cones to tighten a loose vagina faster.
Yoga, Pilates
According to a study, women who participated in a yoga therapy program for six weeks experienced a 70% decrease in their incontinence frequency by allowing the pelvic floor muscles to contract more forcefully and consequently helping to tight a loose vagina.
Sexual Intercourse
Pelvic floor muscles are muscles like any other muscle and to keep them in shape the best way is exercise them by having sex. Chinese women used to practice secret vaginal contraction methods that made them absolutely great lovers, doing so gave the vagina strength and kept it tight even after child birth. By simply holding your man's penis with your vagina, thanks to your pelvic muscles, when he is inside will excite him immensely. Some women can squeeze and release their muscles so powerfully that it has an indescribable and very powerful effect. Pelvic muscle control and awareness develops such sensitivity that a woman could reach orgasms more often and more easily, and since an orgasm contracts and relaxes her pelvic floor muscles, these are great pelvic exercices, better than Kegels. It is a misconception believing that too much sex stretches and loosens the vagina.
Natural Vaginal Tightening Products
In Asia, women have been using natural plants to tighten their vaginas after childbirth, for centuries. In China, India, Indonesia and Malaysia they have all perfected different recipes based on specific local plants extracts to tighten a loose vagina and keep it healthy. Today, many companies offer vaginal tightening products based on those ancestral formulas that get excellent results, allowing not to suffer from the side effects prescribed medicines have.
Not only will they tighten a loose vagina and increase its elasticity and firmness and but they will also clean it by removing excess dead skin, stimulating the body’s natural lubrication system, promoting new skin growth, preventing and healing infections, eliminating vaginal dryness, itching, burning and bad odor as well as eliminating vaginal discharge.
A Healthy Diet
To make sure of the proper growth and repair of the pelvic muscles a healthy diet is very important to keep them strong. So, getting a healthy diet with organic lean animal protein, excellent muscle builder, full of wholegrain organic carbohydrates and organic fruits and vegetables is recommended, to keep vaginal muscles strong and healthy.
Pelvic Floor Toners
Pelvic floor toners also known as biofeedback devices are meant to instruct the user on how to strengthen their vaginal muscles, by providing real-time feedback about the effectiveness of the exercises the user is doing. You insert a vaginal probe into the vagina that will let you know how well you are performing the exercises and what needs to be improved.
As you use a biofeedback device, you are able to determine if the contractions and relaxations of the pelvic muscles are performed correctly. If they are not, you can easily adjust the exercises until they are done properly so that they can work to help strengthen the pelvic muscles and tighten a loose vagina.
Pelvic Floor Stimulators
Pelvic floor stimulators using electrical stimulation have long been recognized as a viable method for ensuring that the proper muscles contract in particular areas of the human body. Used in athletics, physical therapy, and even for treatment of irregular muscle contractions, electrical stimulation is a valuable tool for providing deep muscle stimulation to the vagina.
Using a small probe that incorporates low frequencies for deep muscle stimulation, the probe is inserted into the vagina, and the electrical stimulation is allowed to permeate deep into the surrounding pelvic floor muscles. Through the application of deep pelvic muscle stimulation, the vaginal muscles will slowly begin to contract and reshape back to their original form, resulting in a tighter vagina.


Feel free to discover the vaginal tightening products we offer as well as our pelvic floor toners and stimulators. These are the best and safest options available right now with Kegel exercises and sexual intercourse

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