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Gooseberries For Vaginal Tightening

Gooseberries For Vaginal Tightening


Gooseberries For Tightening


A loose vagina is a condition that affects almost all women in the course of their live, particularly moms that gave birth. Normally the vagina goes back to its initial state after a few days, but if the vagina had to over stretch itself, to let the baby go through, the elasticity of the muscles could be lost to a certain point, failing to go back to its normal size resulting in looseness. If you are one of the millions of women who have lost the elasticity of their vaginal muscles because of child delivery you probably already know how your quality of life has been impacted.


A loose vagina makes it hard for women to enjoy sex like before because of decreased rubbing between the penis and vagina. In addition, this condition generates low self-esteem and women are afraid to engage in sex fearing their partners will not enjoy sex. The good news, however, is that there are many effective, proven and safe ways to help these women get their vaginas tighter, stronger without having to spend a lot of money and go through a vaginoplasty. Whatever the cause, is it possible to use gooseberries for vaginal tightening?


What is a gooseberry?


Emblica officinalis, also known as "Phyllanthus emblica", "emblic", "emblic myrobalan", "myrobalan", "Indian gooseberry", "Malacca tree", or "amla" from Sanskrit "amalika", is the name of the tree carrying an edible fruit of the same name.


The fruit is circular or oval, light greenish yellow, quite smooth and hard on appearance, with vertical stripes, they are harvested in autumn by hand. The taste of Indian gooseberries is bitter, sour and astringent. The fruit is quite fibrous and contains high vitamin C concentrations. So is it possible to use gooseberries for vaginal tightening?


Gooseberries For Vaginal Tightening

Gooseberries For Vaginal Tightening


Can gooseberries help tighten the vagina?


In Ayurvedic polyherbal formulations, "Indian gooseberry" is the primary ingredient of an ancient plant based jam called "Chyawanprash", which is a premier rejuvenative compound. It contains “Triphala Churna”, a compund made by mixing the extracts of three natural herbs “Chebulic Myrobalan”, “Belleric Myrobalan” and “Indian Gooseberry”. This herbal mix is known to treat dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, irregular menses, leucorrhea, vaginal dryness and excess bleeding. It removes dead cells and rejuvenates the skin cells resulting in the tightening of the vagina. It is of the outmost importance to note that “Indian gooseberry” by itself, alone, does not have ANY vagina tightening effects.


Indian gooseberry has antiviral, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that help to cleanse the vagina but will not have any vagina tightening effect. Gooseberries do not have an astringent property, allowing for the tightening of the vaginal walls.


The following preparation will help you cleanse the vagina and keep it healthy. You can use it to get rid of bad vaginal odor and also to control thick vaginal discharge (leucorrhoea). Remember this preparation will not help you tighten your vagina.


Take 10 to 12 gooseberries, smash them and put them in plain water. Boil them and keep the resulting preparation inside a bottle for cooling. You will get an opaque concoction made of the mix of the extract of the fruit and the water. After the mixture becomes cool, apply the mixture all over your vaginal area after taking a bath.


Make sure not to use amla powder for the preparation. Amla powder is a mix of Amla and Mishri, used in India to sweten milk or tea, or Sugar. Using this mix will completly unbalanced the pH of your vagina resulting in infections and all their bad consequences.


Even though many women use gooseberries based home remedies to cleanse their vaginas we do not recommend using them. In fact, you should never prepare your own gooseberries concoctions. Your vagina has a pH that plays a major role in your overall vaginal health. Vaginal pH allows to measure the degree of acidity of the vaginal environment. Typically healthy women have a vaginal pH around 3.5 to 4.5. Keeping the vaginal pH in balance is essential to make sure yeast and bacteria is keept in check, to avoid getting infections, developping bad odor, disconfort, itching, burning and irritations.


This is why we recommend using one of the brand name vaginal tightening products we carry rather than a home made remedy that could jeopardize your overall vaginal health by unbalancing your vaginal pH. Our vaginal tightening products adhere to strict quality control regulations and have standards in place to make sure they are safe for your health.


If you really want an "Indian Gooseberry" based vaginal tightening product, the following creams contain "Indian Gooseberry", but if you want vaginal tightening products made of known vaginal tightening ingredients feel free to browse the vaginal tightening products we carry, all made of proven vaginal tightening ingredients such as alum, manjakani, pueraria mirifica, witch hazel, pomegranate, kacip fatimah and others.


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Gooseberries For Vaginal Tightening


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Gooseberries For Vaginal Tightening


So the answer to following questions is NO:


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The only health benefits of the "Indian Gooseberry" are the following ones:


Gooseberries For Vaginal Tightening


There is no empirical evidence or scientific studies proving that "Indian Gooseberry" can tighten the vagina, contrary to the belief and all the information spread over the internet.