Keeping Your Vagina Tight

How To Keep Your Vagina Tight

How To Keep Your Vagina Tight


Vaginal fatigue, also called a “loose vagina”, is a medical condition most commonly caused by aging and childbirth. It is characterized by markedly reduced stimulation during sex and an increased risk of vaginal prolapse.


Given these two, it is no wonder that women seek assistance to regain tighter vaginas. Unfortunately, most medical professionals have very limited knowledge about this subject because even today the issue of a woman and her sexual needs remain a taboo subject.


The following are 10 ways to keep your vagina tight and regain your sexuality, femininity and vitality:


Kegel Exercises
Kegel is a type of pelvic muscle exercise that involves repeated contraction and relaxation of the muscles of the pelvis. And since it can be done in both public and private (because of its innocuousness) it is an excellent way to keep your vagina tight.
Kegel strengthens your vaginal muscles over time, which is why most women prefer it over other vaginal tightening techniques.
To perform it, all you need to do is repeatedly tighten the muscles of your pelvis (the ones which you use when you need to pee badly but don’t have a place to) and breathe deeply with every cycle. You can even use accessories, like Kegel weights and balls, to speed up the process of vaginal strengthening.
Yoga has many benefits, one of which is that it strengthens your pelvic floor muscles, thus improving the tightness of your vagina. In fact, there are studies that have documented this effect in the form of decreased urinary incontinence in participants who performed yoga for six weeks.
One of the biggest myths about sexual intercourse is that too much sex causes your vagina to loosen up, and reduces the pleasure you would otherwise get if you practiced abstinence. On the contrary, sex is a powerful way to improve the tightness of your vagina, even more than practicing Kegel. Here’s why:
During sex, your vaginal muscles contract and relax repeatedly, which strengthens them over time. In fact, Chinese women were known for practicing vaginal contractions in secret in the olden days, to improve and to keep their vaginas tight even after childbirth, which is why they were considered phenomenal lovers.
A Healthy Diet
Food has always been given high importance when it comes to maintaining the health of your body. Vaginal health is no different. Diet rich in lean meat, wholegrains, fruits and vegetables is considered excellent for muscle development, which in turn maintains the health of your vaginal muscles and their strength.
Pelvic Floor Biofeedback Devices
Pelvic floor biofeedback devices that can be inserted in the vagina to gauge the effectiveness of vaginal strengthening exercises. The device emits real-time feedback, thus allowing you to adjust your posture and technique until you get it right. These are extremely helpful adjuncts to conventional pelvic muscles strengthening exercises, and help you improve the tightness of your vagina and to keep your vagina tight.
Pelvic Floor Stimulators
Pelvic floor stimulators are probe-like devices that are inserted in the vagina and provide deep muscle electrical stimulation. Since this stimulation permeates into the deeper surrounding musculature, this technique is capable of reshaping the form of the vagina to its original state and helps to keep your vagina tight.
Pelvic Floor Therapy
Physiotherapists are experts in manipulating the musculoskeletal system of our body to relieve pain and other ailments. Pelvic floor therapy is an excellent way to try and regain the former glory of your vagina before you consider consulting a surgeon.
Nature-based Vaginal Tightening Products
Plants and herbs have been used for centuries by Asian women to improve loose vaginas after childbirth. And though these indigenous recipes differ from region to region, the effect is the same.
Today, many Asian companies have developed natural products based on these ancient remedies to help women improve the condition of their vaginas, allowing them to keep their vagina tight. Not only do these not have any side-effects, but they also improve vaginal health by removing dead tissues, increasing lubrication, preventing vaginal itching and bad odor.
Vaginoplasty is a surgical reconstruction of the vaginal canal, and falls under plastic and reconstructive surgery. But it should only be taken up as a last option if all other techniques have failed to show results. This is because surgery, however small, always poses a certain element of risk, which in this case is partial loss of function.
Vaginal Rejuvenation
Similar to vaginoplasty, vaginal rejuvenation is a reconstructive surgery of the vulvo-vaginal complex. But always remember that esthetic surgery is always a last resort if all else has failed.


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to keep your vagina tight