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Kacip Fatimah For Vagina Tightening

Kacip Fatimah For Vaginal Tightening


Kacip Fatimah To Tighten The Vagina


Labisia pumila (LP) or more commonly known as Kacip Fatimah, is found at an altitude of 300 to 700 meters, in Southeast Asia, in the lowlands and hill forests of Malaysia and belongs to the Myrsinaceae family. It is a small subherbaceous perennial with creeping stems growing from 30 to 40 cm in height. Its leaves are elliptical-lanceolate in shape, their color goes from dark green to light green and reddish-purple and can be more than 30 cm long and 13 cm wide. The clustered white to pink flowers are 6 to 30 cm long and the flowers produce a round, bright red to purple fruit 0.5 cm in diameter when ripe.


Kacip Fatimah For Vaginal Tightening

Kacip Fatimah For Vaginal Tightening

Kacip Fatimah has been widely used for centuries and is still commonly consumed by Malaysian women in a wide spectrum of women’s health related issues. Malaysian women have used it for generations to ease childbirth and also for its postpartum rejuvenating properties. Traditionally, women prepared a Kacip Fatimah solution by boiling its leaves and roots, or the whole plant in water, and consumed it as a drink, as it has a pleasant taste, or used as a herbal bath.


This solution can be administered 1 to 2 months before giving birth to help tone and strengthen abdominal muscles, the vaginal walls and tissues. It has also been used as a post-partum natural medicine to tighten the vagina, to regulate the menstrual cycle, and alleviate menstrual symptoms.


Its effects are as attributable to the presence of estrogen-like compounds and research has demonstrated its estrogenic activity. Kacip Fatimah is a phytoestrogen, an estrogen-like compound found in plants of the legume family and in grains, vegetables, and fruits that has similar chemical structures to estrogen, an hormone generated within the endocrine system, that promotes the development and maintenance of the characteristics of the female body.


While ageing the body will slowly lose its ability to produce estrogen, but estrogen is responsible for the development and maintenance the sexual organs having a direct effect on the tone, elasticity and firmness of the vagina. The estrogen decrease will result in vaginal loosening, sagging breasts, decreased libido, decreased moisture of the skin, giving a woman an “ageing” appearance.


Kacip Fatimah will compensate that reduction of body produced estrogen by plant produced phytoestrogen resulting in vaginal tightening.


Kacip Fatimah is helpful to treat a lot of women’s health related disorders and adverse conditions including restoring vaginal elasticity, healing vaginal tissue, improving women’s vitality, reducing excessive vaginal discharge, tightening the vagina, retarding and reversing vaginal atrophy and preventing and healing genital prolapse. Its natural phytoestrogen compound restores health, tone and vigor to the vagina which will result in better and more enjoyable sex as well as an increase in sexual sensations and pleasure for both the woman and its partner.


This is why Kacip Fatimah For Vaginal Tightening is widely used and many Kacip Fatimah products are on the market ranging from kacip fatimah pills, kacip fatimah capsules, kacip fatimah tablets, kacip fatimah gels, kacip fatimah creams, kacip fatimah wands, kacip fatimah sticks, kacip fatimah oils, kacip fatimah feminine wash and kacip fatimah douches. These products are 100% all natural, made from pure kacip fatimah plants and adhere to strict quality control regulations and have standards in place to make sure they are safe for your health.


Made of a unique composition of its meticulously selected ingredients and minerals, it will tighten your vagina while simultaneously stimulating the body cleansing system and regenerating the vagina skin tissue naturally. The best vaginal tightening ever!

Vaginal Tightening Wand


Vagifirm™ vaginal tightening oral capsules are an all natural feminine hygiene product made from Kacip Fatimah and Morinda Citrifolia, two natural herbs used for centuries by Malaysian women, proven to eliminate vaginal loosening and strengthen your vagina muscles.

Kacip Fatimah For Vaginal Tightening