Pussy Tightening

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Pussy Tightening


Acao™ pussy tightening kit will restore your femininity in a natural way and tighten your pussy. While the Madura stick will get you results in 30 minutes, the essential will get you lasting and firm long term results.

Pussy Tightening


Acao™ Madura Wand's formula contains a unique blend of selected natural herbs that have been used for centuries in Madura Island and will give you a reliable tightening results in 30 minutes.

Pussy Tightening


Vagifirm™ pussy tightening oral capsules are an all natural feminine hygiene product made from Kacip Fatimah and Morinda Citrifolia, two natural herbs used for centuries by Malaysian women, proven to eliminate pussy loosening and strengthen your pussy muscles.

Pussy Tightening


The YuYinMei vaginal tightening capsules are a 100% all-natural and safe feminine hygiene product. Made from a unique blend of ayurvedic medicinal plants proven to moisturize, tighten, and revitalize your vagina.

Pussy Tightening


Aabab pussy tightening tablets are one of the most effective herbal tightening products available to tighten your pussy. Undoubtedly the best pussy tightening tablet available after their new tightening Shabab tablets.

Pussy Tightening


The Shabab tablets are the brand new tightening tablets produced by the very same manufacturer of the Aabab tablets. Their unique formula contains a blend of 100% natural, pure, unique ingredients, extracted from meticulously selected rare herbs, for the synergy of their tightening properties. These new tightening tablets will get you tighter, firmer, faster.

pussy Tightening


The XFT pelvic floor toner, exerciser and stimulator will help you tighten your pussy by doing exercises that will contract your pelvic floor muscles automatically, using muscle stimulation.

Pussy Tightening


The PFS will help you tighten your pussy by performing pelvic floor exercises by contracting your pelvic floor muscles automatically and effortlessly using mild electrical pulses.

Pussy Tightening


V-Firm pussy tightening cream is the best choice when it comes to get an easy, safe, convenient, highly effective way to tighten your pussy within minutes of its application and take care of your overall pussy health and improve your sexual life.

Pussy Tightening


Reeflec™ V is a pussy tightening cream which formula contains a unique blend of 100% natural herbs extracted from pure and natural ingredients that will help you moisturise, tighten and revitalize your pussy.

Pussy Tightening


18 Again pussy shrink cream will make you feel tighter, younger and more sexy than ever while also increasing pleasure for both you and your partner. 18 Again pussy shrink cream will tighen your pussy in 5 minutes and its effect will last up to 24 hours.

Pussy Tightening


China shrink cream will increase pleasure for both you and your partner while making you feel tighter, younger and more sexy than ever. Apply the cream and in 5 minutes your pussy will tighten for a more intense feeling during intercourse that will last 24 hours.

Pussy Tightening


By using this pussy tightening soap you will tighten, clean, revitalize, moisturize, and neutralize your pussy's bacteria. Wonderfully made using the old-tradition of handmade soaps combined with modern science to bring out the best of nature.

Pussy Tightening


To tighten your vagina the Acao intravaginal tightening gel will improve the grip of the vagina by strengthening vaginal muscles, tissues and wall, improving blood circulation and providing rejuvenation of the vagina.

Pussy Tightening


This Japanese pussy tightening stick gets amazing results thanks to its main unique, potent and high quality Manjakani tightening ingredient that has been used for generations by women in Asia, Arabia, and Persia to restore the pussy tightness.

Pussy Tightening


Made of a unique composition of its meticulously selected ingredients and minerals, it will tighten your pussy while simultaneously stimulating the body cleansing system and regenerating the pussy skin tissue naturally. The best pussy tightening stick ever!

Pussy Tightening


QINMI Yoni Pearls provide vaginal tightening and less vaginal dryness while also preventing bacterial vaginosis and infections. Yoni pearls are a tampon-like vaginal inserts made of herbal ingredients helping overall womb health and vaginal cleansing.

Pussy Tightening


Pussy Tightening


Pussy relaxation or commonly known as loose pussy is an increase of the diameter of the pussy due to childbirth, aging, hormonal changes, poor muscle tone, over weight or strenuous exercises.


As a consequence your organs have less support and so they tend to sag (prolapse). The sphincter functions are less efficient, causing urinary incontinence and the bladder becomes especially weak while coughing or laughing.


In addition many women suffer from a loss of sexual gratification and intimacy in a relationship, as a loose pussy can cause a lack of friction that diminishes sensation and prevent them and their partner from enjoying a healthy sex life.


Pussy tightening can be achieved by:




Pussy surgery, also called pussy enhancement, pussy reconstruction and pussy rejuvenation is a cosmetic surgery called vaginoplasty, allowing you to rejuvenate your pussy, by tightening your pussy muscles.


Unfortunately, the pussy tightening surgical procedure is very expensive and has many possible side effects, including scarring, loss of pleasure or sensation, pain upon intercourse, incontinence, bleeding, numbness, hematoma, infection and so on.


The risks and side effects of pussy surgery may be just as troublesome as the original problem, making it imperative to explore all other options before undergoing a vaginoplasty. Surgery, regardless of what it is for, should always be considered as a last resort.


Physicians will always suggest to try other less invasive options like Kegel exercices in conjunction with pussy tightening products or eventually electrical stimulation or biofeedback to tighten pussy muscles.


Kegel Exercises


Your doctor may recommend performing Kegel exercises for a specific length of time before speaking about a pussy surgery operation as a viable option. They consist of repeatedly contracting and relaxing your pelvic floor muscles.


Several tools exist to help with these exercises. For example you have certain weights, like pussy cones or Ben Wa balls, that you can insert into the pussy while performing Kegel exercises that are said to help tighten pussy muscles.


Pussy Tightening Products


In conjunction with Kegel exercises, pussy tightening can be achieved safely with natural pussy tightening products like creams, suppositories, pills, tablets, gels, herbs, sprays, soaps, capsules.


While vaginoplasty requires admission to a clinic and is very expensive, Kegel exercises and electrical stimulation are cumbersome. Nevertheless by opting for Kegels and using pussy tightening products at the same time you will get a much quicker, cheaper, easier, safer, effective and convenient way to tighten your pussy muscles.


By removing dead cells and replacing them with newer ones, by healing internal wounds, preventing infection & itching, encouraging natural lubrication, promoting attractive odor, and delaying the effects of aging these pussy tightening products will help you to make your pussy tight.


Finally you could try other alternatives like biofeedback or electrical stimulation to tighten your pussy.


Biofeedback Devices


These devices are pelvic toning devices, generically referred to as a Kegel exerciser, pelvic floor toner, pelvic floor muscle toner, pelvic toner, pelvic muscle stimulator, pelvic muscle trainer, pussy tightening pump or pussy tightening instrument, designed to help women exercise their pelvic floor muscles and improve their pussy muscle tone.


This method involves placing a sensor, also known as an electrode or probe into the pussy. The probe, connected to a visual and/or sound system, lets you see and/or hear the contraction. According to the colour of the light or the intensity of the sound, you will know whether the muscular contraction is done properly or not.


The biofeedback allows you to correct the contraction while doing the exercises on your own, as well as allowing you to gradually increase the effort and duration. The biofeedback will help you get more and more confident knowing that you are correctly contracting your pelvic floor muscles and properly carrying out your exercices.


Electrical Stimulation


This is a very effective technique that uses low frequency electrical currents, generated by a small electronic probe placed into the pussy, that stimulates your pelvic floor muscles deep down, inducing contractions of the pussy muscles and consequently tightening your pussy.


Home Remedies


Certain herbs can be used for pussy tightening, and can be used in home made remedies to make your pussy tight. For example, a concoction made of gooseberry boiled in water can be used as a regular wash to douche your pussy.


You can also prepare a mixed water and vinegar concoction and use it as an effective pussy douche to cleanse the pussy of menstrual impurities and prevent bacterial infections that may cause the pussy to be weak and slack. Other ways would be to include diluted lime juice, alum powder and pickling spices.


Alum does cause the pussy's membranes to contract. However, do not use it regularly or in large quantities because it will irritate the pussy walls and cause yeast infections. Soak a small piece of alum in a bowl of warm water, once totally dissolved, wash yourself with it. Make sure that the maximum quantity of water goes into the pussy. You can use a syringe wihtout the needle to gently squirt the water into the pussy. Do this just before having sex as its effects lasts for about 30 minutes or so.


The PH level of the pussy varies from woman to woman and so the effectiveness of these home remedies will depend on your individual PH level. The quantity of home remedy you use as well as the amount of existing pussy's moisture also plays a large role. You will have to experiment with different strength solutions until you find one that suits you.


Basically this is why we suggest NOT TO TRY HOME REMEDIES. You should avoid douching with homemade remedies formulations because while experimenting you could harm your pussy health and get infections, itching, irritations and more.


This is why we suggest using NATURAL pussy tightening products that have been proven to work safely as an alternative. For example you have natural herbs such as Pueraria Mirifica and Oakgall that are widely used in products to make your pussy tighter. These herbs contain phyto estrogens and have powerful astringent properties that will tighten, firm and lubricate your pussy, while restoring its natural size and elasticity.


So if you want to have a better sex life, decrease pussy dryness and low libido or simply prevent and eliminate infections, pussy discharges, dryness, itching and bad odor, we recommend using the following natural pussy tightening products because they are safe, effective and proven to make your pussy tight while preventing infections, eliminating dryness, pussy discharge, itching and bad odor.


These all natural herbs based pussy tightening products provide a much cheaper, easier, safer and convenient way to make your pussy tight than pussy surgery.